Settling sexual fantasies is something men do often. Masturbation is among the relieving ways to jack off when you really need to attend to a real hard and throbbing cock. Forget about the ancient wanking styles using your hands. It is dangerous, hurts and can leave you with a broken skin if you handle your dick roughly.

There are many male sex toys that work extremely well. Oh! You would think it was a real tight pussy. Do you know that what you buy in the name of a sex toy will determine how much fun you get? Quality comes in here. Cheap can be expensive in the long run. TPR and silicone material are among the best materials for sex toys for men. Check out a few of the male masturbation toys here:

Versatile Cock Sleeve

Like the inside of a cunt, it features thick walls with internal ribbing. With versatile in its name, it can be used in many ways. Use it to enhance your dick’s thickness and when you want a rear job, use it as an anal plug and let your partner get a good access for a penetration. For masturbation, use it as a stroker. Enjoyment is enhanced by the bulbous shape and the head. Slip it in your pocket-you could need this for a steamy lone session in the office washroom. Quite easy to use, right?

Fleshlight Stroker

Designed with a soft real skin, this device stimulates you and awakens a man’s sexual desire in a twinkle. You get the sensation of screwing a real vagina. Close your eyes and imagine yourself pounding deeper into a cunt. Its packaging is discrete and the case makes it look like a flashlight. It hides your little secret. It is simple to use. Chuck the cap and put your toy to use. It is important to clean it well to counter any risks of contracting an infection. After use, rinse the fleshy part going deep with warm water and leave it to dry completely before storing. No soap but a little isopropyl alcohol will do.


Vibrating Penis Head Teaser

The tip of a man’s shaft is among the erogenous spots that need a little attention and you will explode in ecstasy. How about vibing it? Make the head of your cock the target using a vibrating penis head teaser. It is short, stretch and well textured. The humming adds sugar to the juice. A good time to jack off or get a proper tease from your partner, the teaser works miraculously. It stimulates the penis’ most sensitive spot with a powerful vibration, soft nubs and ridges.

Double the excitement with this way and let it do what a hand cannot do. The vibrating bullet is removable and you can use it for a stimulation and more fun on your balls. If you have a partner while at it, use it on their body. You have to use a lube while using the vibrating teaser. Silicone and water-based lubes work well with it. For hygiene purposes, clean it with warm water and a mild soap and let it dry.